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Régis Bergonzi

Defence Lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Monaco
Former member of the Monegasque Lawyers Council

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Régis BERGONZI has been a Defence Lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Monaco since 5 January 2013.
In 2011/2012, he occupied the position of Secretary-Treasurer of the Monegasque Lawyers Council.

He deals with numerous cases before the European Court of Human Rights against different states and is the President of the Human Rights Commission within the International Association of Lawyers (

He represents Monaco at the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture within the Council of Europe (

His professional experience has led him to the General Secretariat of the French Bank Commission in Paris, to the New York law firm TANNENBAUM-HELPERN SYRACUSE & HIRSCHSTRITT and to Electrolux in Brazil.

Régis BERGONZI is specialised in criminal law (money laundering, fraud, breach of trust, theft, forgery, etc.), in criminal procedure (reform of rights of those held in custody etc.), in contract law (he holds a D.E.A. in contract law from the University of Paris XI), in family law and banking law.

He speaks Italian and English fluently and has knowledge of Portuguese.

Telephone : + 377 93 30 89 89
E-mail :

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